The Makeup Show Orlando: A Survival Guide

The Makeup Show Orlando: A Survival Guide

posted on: 9.18.2013

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For all of my fellow makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, The Makeup Show Orlando is finally here! Starting next weekend (September 28 + 29), The Makeup Show will be rolling into Central Florida and is an absolute must-attend event for anyone in the industry. I will be attending again this year, and I cannot wait. No, seriously. I can't wait. I already have the whole weekend planned out meticulously. Of course, my carefully laid out plans will probably not happen as I get overwhelmed with excitement at big events, but the intention is definitely there. Trade shows can definitely be overwhelming. So I decided to give you a "crash course" on what to do and how to plan for The Makeup Show Orlando.

First of all, let's start off with attire. Although there are many deals to be had and seminars to attend, The Makeup Show is a great place to network. So, while it is important to be comfortable as you'll be running around for a long amount of time for two days, it is equally as important to look professional and well-groomed. The great thing about makeup trade shows is that you can get away with crazy makeup and hair, and still be considered as professional. Wear comfortable, great-looking shoes (preferably ones that don't leave blisters... learn from my mistakes!), and bring a load of business cards with you.

The keynote speakers at this year's show are going to be amazing, so plan out which keynotes you want to see early on. The one and only Billy B will be giving a keynote on Sunday from 10:00-11:30, which is surely going to be a packed keynote. Getting there early is the best way to guarantee a good spot for his keynote. Other notable keynote speakers include Sharon Gault, Toby Sells, and Sutan Amrull. The seminars this year are also sure to be amazing. For a full list of keynote times and seminar times, click HERE so you can start planning your days out.

Next, it's important to plan out your shopping route. Hit up the more well-known booths first (such as Makeup Forever and NARS), especially since they tend to debut new products at trade shows that sell out quickly. For example, NARS will be selling their new Eye Paints which will surely be a hit (I know that's what I'm gonna be hoarding!), and Makeup Forever will be selling their new flash palette and artisan brush line. There are a bunch of new products and fall lines that will be showcased at the show. Also, bring cash because it's easier for most booths to do cash transactions and will also keep your budget in check. Speaking of a budget- keep one. It is way too easy to go a little buying-crazy. Research the brands that will be at the show ahead of time, and figure out what products you want to see in person and/or buy.

And, most importantly, have fun and relax. Everyone is super nice, and it's a great chance to speak with the brains behind some of your favorite brands, and a way to interact with fellow artists. It's also a great time to admire your peers' work (such as the wide variety of body paintings that will be on display). I will also be there both days, so if you go, be sure to say hi! Also make sure to follow me on Twitter, as I'll be updating that frequently throughout the weekend (and on Instagram!). To buy tickets to the show, click here.

Have you ever been to The Makeup Show or a beauty show in general? What tips do you have to survive them?


  1. I get this excited for IMATS! I've always wanted to go to The Makeup Show but it seems like it's only for professional makeup artists! These are great tips for any events such as this :D You pretty much covered my top tips, comfy but still fab and cash. It's SO easy to get carried away!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  2. I'm headed to Orlando as well this weekend and will be there on Saturday. Great tips, I can't wait!

  3. Thanks so much for this Brianna!! I live in the Orlando area and this will be my first trade show if I can make it out there!! I have no idea what to expect!! I was a part of the first Central Florida Beauty Bloggers meet up and haven't seen all the ladies since then! I cant wait!


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