An Effie Trinket LOTD

An Effie Trinket LOTD

posted on: 11.25.2013

Effie Trinket makeup look, The Hunger Games, costume makeup
Soooo I still haven't seen the latest Hunger Games movie, but I pulled inspiration for this look from this makeup look. Fun fact: when you have thick, dark brows like mine, it is probably a lot smarter to use the glue stick method to cover them, instead of using the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to cover them. Meh. Well, regardless, I wanted to post this look just for kicks and giggles. I basically only used the Make Up For Ever 12 Color Flash Palette. For the false lashes, I basically painted them with a mixture of Sugarpill's Tiara and Goldilux loose shadows and MAC Mixing Medium. From certain angles, you can definitely see the gold and silver.

MUFE Flash Color in White
Sugarpill Tako (to set white grease paint)
Sugarpill Goldilux (hairline)

Mixture of pink and coral from MUFE Flash Palette
Sugarpill Dollipop (contour)
MUFE Glitter in #03 (highlighter)
Silver from MUFE Flash palette above eye brow and to highlight

Mixture of coral and white from Flash Palette
MUFE Glitter in #03 (brow bone highlight)
Graftobian Luster Powder in Stellar Mocha (eyeliner)
MAC Pink Opal Pigment (inner corners)
MAC Pink Bronze Pigment (lid)
Mixture of coral, yellow + white from Flash Palette (under the eyes)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Coral and Pink from Flash Palette
Sugarpill Dollipop

White from Flash Palette
Too Faced Perfect Lip Liner in Perfect Pink
OCC Stained Gloss in New Wave + Mein Herr
Gold from Flash Palette (middle of lip)

One more note: don't apply Sugarpill Goldilux into hairline, regardless of how cool it looks, unless you enjoy scrubbing fine golden glitter particles out of your hair. I think I still have Goldilux in my hair! Ah, well. 


  1. Yes!! Love this. I always applaud creativity in beauty blogs. There is so much inspiration makeup-wise in the Hunger Game movies. I love the eyeliner, it's so pretty x

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