2013 in Review: Miscellaneous Posts!

2013 in Review: Miscellaneous Posts!

posted on: 1.03.2014

To finally wrap up my "2013 in Review" series, I compiled three of my favorite posts that couldn't really fall into any category. In the latter part of 2013, I introduced my new DIY contributor, Lauren, and we both collaborated on two DIY posts that I am extremely proud of. I also recently reviewed a new favorite online store of mine, and with these three posts, I am officially done rehashing the past. Onwards and upwards for 2014! Tomorrow I will be introducing something new and exciting for Brikasia, so stay tuned for that!
  1. DIY Polymer Clay Necklace
  2. DIY Stenciled Makeup Bags
  3. Meet Your New Favorite Online Boutique


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