Chapped Lips Bumming You Out? I Have Your Solution

Chapped Lips Bumming You Out? I Have Your Solution

posted on: 1.15.2014

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Last I checked, chapped lips still weren't trending, and as much as I enjoy a good ol' scaly lip (because, let's be honest: who doesn't love chapped lips? Oh wait...), I doubt chapped lips will ever be in style. But fear not, dear ones who deal with pieces of their largest organ flaking off their lips (sounds so sexy, right?). I have some solutions for you!

About a million years ago I wrote a post on how to DIY your own lip scrub. I still love this recipe! And even better, it tasted delicious (although I don't exactly endorse eating a lip scrub that probably contains particles of your dead skin). If you're not quite into the DIY game yet, there are still options for you. I also included some of my all-time favorite lip balms that don't play around when it comes to moisturizing lips. What are some of your favorite ways to keep your lips smooth? Sound off in the comments!


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