Weekend Wrap Up // No. 3

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 3

posted on: 2.22.2014

Photo by Wilhelmina Weddings / Beulah Polito
Happy Saturday! The above picture is part of the reason why I've been so absent this week. I had three photoshoots that I worked on in a row, and the header photo is probably one of my favorite shots from the whole weekend. If you or anyone you know is getting married... Definitely check out Wilhelmina Weddings. They will travel to you (and are hosting an AMAZING giveaway right now- click for more details). Anyway, then I went to Disney for a day and have been swamped with schoolwork. But enough complaining from me, I sound like my mother! (Sorry Mom!!) Anyway, here's what you missed this week...

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Well, it's time to stop procrastinating and get to working. Another weekend filled with homework. Silver lining: only two more months until I graduate college and don't have to deal with homework anymore! Well... unless I decide to go to grad school. Oh god. What are your weekend plans looking like? Let's talk about happier things in the comments below!


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