Weekend Wrap Up // No. 5

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 5

posted on: 3.08.2014

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have been on my Spring Break this week, although I have basically gotten nothing accomplished thanks to lil' Max, who only lets me sleep for 2-3 hours before waking me up for potty time and play time. I miss my sleep, yo! Any tips on how to get a puppy to sleep through the night? Is that even a possibility? I'M DESPERATE YA'LL. Anyway, this week we realized that when we wrap Max up in a blanket, he kiiiinda resembles an Ewok from the Star Wars universe. I need to buy this dog an Ewok costume. I should have named him Ewok. Damn! Missed opportunity.

Anyway, here's what you missed this week on Brikasia...

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// The List //

  • The Beauty Milk has hit 3,000 followers (!!), so to celebrate that, Coco is hosting a really great giveaway!
  •  The Urban Decay Electric Palette is finally here! xSparkage has some great swatches up on her blog.
  • Are you a blogger and looking for a sweet lighting situation for product photos? You may want to look into the MyStudio MS20 lighting studio, as reviewed by Maria of Cult Nails' husband, John.
  • Danielle from Shikshin is REALLY making me lust after a pink coat right now. Sucks that I live in Florida!
Well, I'm off to go look for Max who is probably hiding under my bed chewing on one of my favorite Dolce Vita loafers. ~sigh~ C'est la vie! And, as always, a special thank you to Enjoy Vietnam for sponsoring Brikasia. What are you guys planning on doing for the rest of the weekend? Make me drool in the comments!


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