Weekend Wrap Up // No. 7

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 7

posted on: 3.23.2014

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you have all had a dandy-doody weekend. I've been staying in recovering from my week, which included a very long day at Disney World with family from out of town. I'm still pretty pooped out, so I'm going to skip the small talk and get right into wrapping up life this week.

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And here is my jam of the week: If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim. Watch out for Haim, you guys. They're gonna be huge.

That's it for this weekend. Make good choices and I'll be back tomorrow! woooooo


  1. oh em gee!!! This is me! Had no idea this was here :)
    What a pleasant little surprise!! Thank you babe, and anytime!!


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