Weekend Wrap Up // No. 11

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 11

posted on: 4.20.2014

I feel like this week really flew by for me. It was my final week of doing actually schoolwork before my final exams start this upcoming week. I also finally got my MagicBand for Disney! In case the above picture didn't make it obvious enough, I'm an annual passholder at Disney (along with my mom and sister). I have a green MagicBand! I totally wish they had more colors to pick from, though. Why no purple MagicBand, Disney?!

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// Jamming Out //

I've been jamming out to this song by Belgian musician Stromae. It just makes me want to dance and twerk.

Hopefully this music video won't give you night terrors! That song is damn catchy and I have no idea what is being said in it. Maybe it's about daddy issues? I don't know!


Anyway, that's all I got for this week. My brain is mush from all the work I've done this weekend (such as analyzing ethics handbooks for news organizations and then writing my own ethics handbook for a fictional organization. Yay, journalism!) so I'm ready for a day of rest today. What have you all done this weekend?


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