10 Gifts For Grads That Won't Break the Bank

10 Gifts For Grads That Won't Break the Bank

posted on: 5.30.2014

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It is graduation season once again, and as a 2014 college graduate, I'm not gonna lie: I'm totally expecting a gift of some form from my closest friends and family. Call me what you will- but forrrreal you guys. I just spent/wasted four years of my life chasing after scholarly pursuits and spending a hell of a lot of money doing so. That being said, I'm sure there are a lot of college grads who would totally appreciate new additions to their makeup stash. Makeup is expensive, and is something not many grads are willing to splurge on. So go on, make a grad's dreams come true. Buy them some makeup. Everything listed is under $50! For bonus points, buy several items from this list and make a really cute "college graduate" basket. I can almost guarantee that your grad will be forever indebted. (And this post may or may not be a hint for my relatives and friends who follow my blog. Kidding! Sorta ;))

10- La Bella Figura Traveler's Kit (this is technically $60- but come on. Splurge a lil' for your grad!)

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