April 2014 Favorites!

April 2014 Favorites!

posted on: 5.02.2014

80s purple sunglasses, suntegrity natural sunscreen, oxybenzone danger, urban decay electric palette, occ creme colour concentrate in grandma, cream blush, sheswai nail lacquer in hot damn, habit cosmetics nail polish in darling nikki
I'm probably saying this every month, but seriously- how is it already May?! Since April has come and go, it's time to do the Brikasia monthly ritual. And no, that isn't performing a "Single Ladies" virtual flash mob (that's a different kind of ritual). It's time to go over my favorite products from the past month!
  1. 80s Purple Sunglasses- Finding fashionable and affordable sunglasses are a rare feat. Trust me on that. I remember a few years ago, my best friend showed up at my house with five ├╝ber-cool sunglasses that were very Gaga-esque. She told me she got them from 80s Purple, and I was instantly intrigued. You guys- this is a gold mine, and my little secret. If you buy from the 80s Purple brand, most of the frames are only $9! Explore now, and you can thank me later when your Instagram sunglass-clad selfies go viral.
  2. Suntegrity Unscented Sunscreen- Most sunscreens that you buy in drugstores contain the ingredient "oxybenzone" which can mess with your reproductive organs. No bueno! This natural sunscreen is free from any dangerous and toxic chemicals, and really protects skin from the sun. A little bit goes a long way! I'm completely obsessed with this sunscreen.
  3. Urban Decay Electric Palette- I recently did a post using this product, and it is no secret that I am completely infatuated with this palette. If you dig bright makeup, then you'll dig this palette. Trust.
  4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Creme Colour Concentrate in Grandma- This is such a great multi-purpose product. OCC never fails to deliver a fantastic product, and this product is no exception. This cream product in Grandma is the perfect and quintessential coral color, and it really brightens up my complexion. And it certainly packs a punch! Seriously. Use with caution. I only need to dip my finger in it once and that is enough for my cheek. Serious pigmentation here.
  5. Sheswai Nail Lacquer in Hot Damn- I don't think a nail polish color has ever been more accurate than this one, because hot damn! This is a stunning color. I'm actually wearing this color right now on my feet. It's such a great spring and summer color, and I get a ton of compliments when I wear this.
  6. Habit Cosmetics Nail Polish in Darling Nikki- This color is absolutely stunning. It is a bright fuschia that kind of has a magenta duochrome effect to it. It is so hard to describe this shade, but it's really quite complex. It contains myrrh extract which will help strengthen your nails as you wear it. I had this polish on my nails for a full week and it didn't chip, and my nails didn't even break! It was amazing. And, best of all, you can win two of these polishes by entering my giveaway!
Well, these were my favorites from the past month. What were some of your favorite products from the past month?

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  1. I am so jealous you have the UD Electric Palette, I want it so bad! Off to read your review right now :) If you want to check out my April favorites: http://thelondonturtle.com/2014/04/30/my-april-favorites/ xx


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