Weekend Wrap Up // No. 13

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 13

posted on: 5.04.2014

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing week. I've been incredibly busy this week, but managed to squeeze in some time at Disney World. And of course, I didn't check the weather before going and the heavens opened up and I was stuck in some major torrential downpours at the Magic Kingdom. Not fun! But the pro to this is I was able to get super close to the castle because no one was really around, so yay for that? Anyway, here's the latest in ~Brikasia Land~.

// The Latest on Brikasia //

- On Tuesday, I created a really natural and gorgeous look that would be perfect for your graduation or other special occasion.
- On Friday, I showed you my favorite products from the month of April.

 // The List //

-  This past Wednesday was the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls (still not sure how that's possible) so the amazing folks at Man Repeller created this amazing "Where Are They Now?" post.
- This outfit by Danielle is so perfect for the summer. I totally want to steal this outfit for my trip to Puerto Rico.
- These tools and tips for planning your next vacation are so great and informative. Bookmark this post!
- This pinky-purple makeup look looks amazing on Coco's complexion! Shoot, these colors would look good on just about everyone.
- Miranda has a really great thought-provoking post on the culture of the selfie.

// Jamming Out //

This is my favorite song from Vampire Weekend's latest album. So catchy.

Well, as you are reading this, I am celebrating my graduation from college at an awesome music festival with some of my closest friends. Last night Vampire Weekend played at the festival, and although I am scheduling this post in advance and I have no idea how VW's set went, I'm sure it was perfect. I'm also sure I'll be posting pics on Instagram too (although today is the last day of the festival). Am I even making sense? Probably not. Whatevs.

Don't forget about the Habit Cosmetics Nail Polish giveaway I'm running with BeauTeaBar! It ends Wednesday morning at 8 am EST, so be sure to enter now! Have a great rest of the weekend!


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