My Love/Hate Relationship with False Lashes

My Love/Hate Relationship with False Lashes

posted on: 6.17.2014

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Ahh, false lashes. What's there to say about them? If done correctly, they will make any person fawn over your long and luscious lashes. Done incorrectly, and your best friend will accidentally smack you in the face in an attempt to kill the two weird looking spiders that fell onto your cheeks. I have a very strange love/hate relationship with false lashes. On one hand, they have the potential to amp up the most boring of makeup looks. On the other hand, the makeup artist in me can spot a pair of falsies a mile away and I can't stand how fake they can look. Individual false lashes are my favorites because they look super natural, but are such a pain in the butt to apply.

On myself, I will almost always skip the false lashes. Only on the rarest of occasions will I apply the individual lashes, but I'm normally too impatient to do that on myself. Sometimes I'll even wear the half-lashes if I'm feeling dangerous enough. I don't like wearing full strip lashes because I wear contacts and they irritate my eyes too much.

And to be completely honest, I am floating on cloud nine when a bridal client tells me they want to skip the falsies for their wedding. I do a little Irish jig which then segways into the Beyonce "Single Ladies" dance because that saves me a ton of time (I only use individual false lashes on bridal clients because they look the most natural). But then I look at professional photos of brides with the falsies and I think to myself "Damn. Her lashes look good." I'm so torn!

So in the end, I believe there are pros and cons when it comes to false lashes. For me, the cons tend to outweigh the pros, but I know a lot of people who couldn't live without their falsies. What is your stance on false lashes?


  1. I feel the same way about my bridal clients and false lashes. They look so good in pictures but are just one big pain and take up way too much time!

  2. I do not really like them on myself and are honestly too much trouble. I do like the look of individual lashes on the outer corners of my eyes from time to time :) I think my eyes just don't suit them all that much, usually


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