Puerto Rico: Part Two

Puerto Rico: Part Two

posted on: 6.30.2014

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Happy Monday! Today I'm continuing my trip recap from Puerto Rico (here's part one of my recap!). After we almost died from dehydration at El Yunque, we decided that we would take it easy for the rest of the trip and try not to over-exert ourselves. So you know what that means... Shopping!! And it also meant it was time to bust out some of my favorite outfits that I got especially for this trip.

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Before I left for Puerto Rico, my friend Lauren went thrifting and found this AMAZING vintage floral dress which I wore to go shopping at Plaza Las Americas (which is a HUGE mall). I truly admire people who are able to find stuff when thrifting, because I do not have the patience and tolerance to go through racks of ugly (and sometimes smelly) clothes. Isn't that terrible? I miss out on gems like this dress because of my thrifting phobia. But fortunately for me, I have a lot of friends who are great at thrifting! I'm so spoiled. Shop a very similar outfit below!
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After a successful day of shopping, we had to go to our family reunion. The family reunion wasn't until the nighttime, so I thought it would be a GREAT idea to hit up the Bacardi distillery... At 10 o'clock in the morning. My family was not low on alcoholic jokes that morning, but whatever. It was really interesting seeing the facilities at Bacardi and learning about the Bacardi family. Fun fact: Bacardi is from Cuba, not Puerto Rico! And here's an insider's secret: most Puerto Ricans boycott Bacardi rum since it is Cuban and not Puerto Rican, and tend to favor Bayamon-based rum Ron del Barrilito.

But back to Bacardi: the tour was really interesting, and after the tour is over, you get two free drink tickets. I got a Cuba Libre (which is basically a rum and coke with a lime twist) and then drank the Bacardi 8 (which is their aged rum) straight. We learned what goes into making rum, and it was all very interesting if you're into knowing the history behind some of your favorite spirits.
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After the weekend of the family reunion, we visited Viejo San Juan, which is one of my favorite places on the island to walk around. It is very quaint and very historic, and reminds me of St. Augustine on steroids. We visited the fort, El Morro, before walking around Viejo San Juan. It is a really impressive fort, and the views of the ocean and the island are absolutely stunning. For this really chill day, I broke out a new favorite of mine: this nautical-striped LOFT dress, and my super comfy DV by Dolce Vita oxfords. Super simple outfit and you look super put-together. Win! Shop this outfit below.
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For the remainder of our trip, we really just bummed around with our family and went to the beach every moment we could. Although I already live by the beach in Florida, there's just something about the Puerto Rican beaches... So comforting and lovely. And also, on the beaches and all over Viejo San Juan, there are ice cream mean who push carts around selling these delicious helados naturales (natural ice creams), which are 10x better than piraguas in my opinion. The best flavor: coconut. Coquito all the way! I probably consumed my weight in these coconut flavored ice creams. I need to find out how to make this at home because I am legit having withdrawals.
After a fantastic week in Puerto Rico (which went by WAY too quickly), it was time to come back home. Here's a plane selfie of myself and my sister, who constantly complains about how I never feature her on my blog. Congrats, Brittney, you're finally on my blog! Now leave me alone and bring me a KIND bar. ;)


Well, I'm off to find a coconut ice cream recipe, because as I write this I am getting a serious craving for that stuff. Le sigh. Anyone else try Team Helado with me, or are you Team Piragua?

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