Weekend Wrap Up // No. 16

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 16

posted on: 6.01.2014

Happy Sunday! I know, I know... I totally forgot to post a Weekend Wrap Up last weekend. So sorry about that! So in order to make up for that tragic mistake, this week's Weekend Wrap Up will be double the fun! Or double the trouble? I'll let you be the judge of that...

// The Latest on Brikasia //

- Last week, I wrote about how you should consider switching to an all-natural sunscreen. Do you know what's lurking in your sunscreen?
- On Tuesday, I wrote about my love for one-piece bathing suits, and wanted to know your opinion of them as well.
- On Friday, I compiled ten awesome makeup gifts that you can give to the college grad in your life.

// The List //

- Not gonna lie, I'm completely obsessed with this stained wood wall DIY. Totally going to try this in my house.
- These tube squeezers look like the perfect way to get all of the product out of your favorite beauty products.
- Seeing this outfit on Danielle makes me realize how much I love vintage beaded clothing.
- I absolutely love the color coral on Eugenia! Don't you agree?
- This nail art is out of this world- I'm super impressed by the Pretty Squared blog.
- Are you a man repeller? A very important (not really) infographic if this is the question that has been on your mind lately.
- I really want to throw a going away party soon just so I have an excuse to make these adorable invitations.

// Jamming Out //

I've been on an Alt-J kick lately. This song, specifically. So good, and so jam-worthy. I dig it.


I've been struggling with this random cold/allergy thing for the past week and I am ~officially~ over illness in general. Le sigh. Debbie Downer-ness aside, what have you guys accomplished this week? Make me proud in the comments!


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