Weekend Wrap Up // No. 20

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 20

posted on: 6.29.2014

Happy Sunday, ya'll! It's been a very low-key weekend for me (which hasn't happened in forevaaa), but I did manage to go see Phantogram in concert on Friday night. Besides that, it's been cuddle-time with my doggies and marathoning Scrubs on Netflix. It's one of the best ways to spend the weekend, in my opinion! Anyway, here's what you've missed this week.

// The Latest on Brikasia //

- On Tuesday, I recap'd part of my trip to Puerto Rico. Part two is coming up this week!
- On Friday, I ask you to join me and U by Kotex in our mission to Save the Undies!

// The List //

- If you love comedian Jenny Slate like I do, then read this interview with her on Into the Gloss.
- I love this lilac and pink makeup look that Coco created.
- I am absolutely in love with these textile designs! I want them for my house.
- I don't particularly care for Marilyn Monroe, but I found this article with her from 1952 to be very interesting and a good viewpoint into the beauty practices of women from back then.

// Jamming Out //

Like I mentioned before, I saw Phantogram in concert this past weekend and they were great! This has been my jam for the past week. I think you'll "Fall in Love" with this song too (ugh I hate myself for that joke).

How has your weekend been? Any songs you've been jamming out to lately?


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