Weekend Wrap Up // No. 22

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 22

posted on: 7.13.2014

Happy Sunday! This whole weekend I've been frolicking through Disneyland in California, so my Internet presence has probably been at a minimum. My b! I fly back home tonight, and although I'm writing this weekend wrap up on a Tuesday, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I had a pretty damn good time. I hope! Anyway, here's what ya missed!

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Because I'm on a complete Brazilian kick (probably because of my new obsession with the World Cup), here's a classic samba jam by Sergio Mendes... "Mas Que Nada".


How has your weekend been? Have you been watching the World Cup too? Let's chat!


  1. Hey, girl :D Thank you for linking to my blog post. I hope you're having a good summer xx

    1. Not a problem boo boo! :) Hope you're having a good one as well!


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