Weekend Wrap Up // No. 28

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 28

posted on: 8.24.2014

Happy Sunday! It's been a pretty bleak and uninspired week over in my neck of the woods, but not to fear! I'm feeling a bit more productive this weekend so that's always a good sign. Anyway, here's what you've missed!

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So by now, you probably know how obsessed I am with Kimbra. She just released her sophomore album, The Golden Echo, and you guys... it is perfection. It is such a unique and imaginative album that pays tribute to music greats such as Michael Jackson and Prince, and it is truly a sonic masterpiece. If you're not fully convinced, you can stream the whole album on Spotify. I recommend the deluxe edition, since the bonus tracks are AMAZING. I cannot recommend this album enough.



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