Weekend Wrap Up // No. 31

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 31

posted on: 9.28.2014

Happy Sunday! I missed last week's Weekend Wrap Up, so I feel like there's a ton to catch up on! The header photo is from the twenty one pilots concert I went to last week, which was amaaaazing. Lots of happy-crying teenagers and raging hormones present at the show, but 'twas still a great time. Besides that, I've been spending time with my family and trying to get back into the blogging groove I was in a few months ago. Time to get reinspired! In the meantime, here's what you've missed.

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Well, it's only appropriate that I post a twenty one pilots song since the header photo is from their show. Here's my current jam, "Ode to Sleep."


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  1. Wow! The concert looked amazing. And I really like the chocolate drops mani. I hope you had a wonderful September! <3 x


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