Weekend Wrap Up // No. 39

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 39

posted on: 11.30.2014

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a wonderful long weekend, spending time with your families and getting some Black Friday shopping done. Believe it or not, I've never gone out on Black Friday because it is kiiiinda terrifying, but this year my mom and I decided to venture out at 6pm Thanksgiving day. And we're still alive! And I got some pretty rad goodies out of the whole ordeal. Earlier in the week, I made it over to Disney World (surprise) and was just taken aback with how beautiful the castle was at night. It's Frozen themed! So cute! Anyway, no link round-up this week because most blogs were taking it easy this week (and I don't blame them!). Expect a super-sized roundup next week!

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Calvin Harris came out with a new album recently, and while I typically loathe EDM music, I cannot stop jamming to this song. Probably because it features my boo boos from HAIM.



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