Weekend Wrap Up // No. 47

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 47

posted on: 2.01.2015

Happy Sunday from my puppy Max and I! My poor Max has a luxating patella which I guess means his knee pops out and causes him some major discomfort, so I've been spending some extra quality time with him trying to prevent him from hurting himself too badly. Max is terrified of car rides because he associates them with going to the vet or the groomers, so I've been trying to teach him of the joys of the "Starbucks trip." Not sure if he's fully convinced yet though, ha! Anyway, here are some of my favorite readings from around the web this week.

// The Latest on Brikasia //

// The List //

  • Love this negative space manicure. (Today I Adore)
  • Love this lip color on Coco! (The Beauty Milk)
  • For all my fellow winos, here's a great trick for picking the right wine. (A Cup of Jo)
  • This glitter look on Eugenia is gorgeous! (Geniabeme)
  • My friend Beulah's fashion game is ON POINT. (Goldmorning Blog)
  • Have you seen this video by Buzzfeed about 3,000 years of beauty standards? It's a must see. (Slashed Beauty)
  • I am completely obsessed with this hanging flower installation and I really want to recreate this myself. (Sugar & Cloth)
  • This DIY pillow project looks like a lot of fun and a cool way to personalize your home. (A Beautiful Mess)

// Jamming Out //

I never particularly cared for Matt & Kim, but I was able to see them live at a music festival a couple of years ago and I GOT HOOKED. This is their latest single, and it is such. a. jam.



  1. I left a comment, I think I messed it up though! You're the best, B! YOUR beauty blog is on point! can't wait to work together again this week!


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