THE REVIEW: Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Sensuous Plum

THE REVIEW: Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Sensuous Plum

posted on: 3.13.2015

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If you're familiar with the green beauty scene, then there's no doubt you've heard of Kjaer Weis. The name alone sticks in your brain because of its uniqueness, and the packaging looks ultra luxurious and swanky. It's basically everything I aspire to be (and I'm half kidding, by the way). Joking aside, this is a non-toxic company that truly packs a punch and proves that non-toxic can get results as much as their more toxic counterparts.

I've been lusting after something from Kjaer Weis for about a year now, but I couldn't bring myself to plunk down the cash. Naturally, something this luxurious looking comes with an equally luxurious price. Unfortunately, something this luxurious looking does not come with a matching gorgeous cabana boy, but alas, sometimes we cannot have it all. But I finally caved, and I really wish I had caved earlier. I finally purchased the Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Sensuous Plum, which is the perfect lip color for every and any occasion.

Sensuous Plum is described as being a beautiful, classic plum color that is universally flattering on all skin tones. Uh, yea it is. It feels moisturizing on the lips, and lasts a solid 4 hours on my lips comfortably. The product photos online make this color look super intimidating, but I promise you that it is not. It's totally wearable! It can be applied sheer for more of an everyday lip color, or packed on for more of a plum punch. The picture below shows this Lip Tint applied with my fingers, and is a happy medium between it being sheered out completely and being fully opaque.

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Sensuous Plum, non toxic makeup review, swatch, non toxic lipstick
The packaging is just superb. It looks amazing online, and I can tell you for a fact that if looks and feels even better in person. It is nice, heavy, and sturdy, and the outer packaging is conveniently a mirror. You swing the top open, and then it reveals the lip tint. If you're not interested in the case, you could always just buy the refill (which is a bit more affordable) but you'll need some sort of palette to carry it in, which is why I recommend just splurging and getting the full compact.

If you're interested in dabbling in some non-toxic lip goodness, then I say that this is a great starting point. Don't be like me and wait a full year before caving. JUST DO IT. You won't regret it, and if you do, you can send me angry e-mails. But that won't be necessary, I'm sure of it. The Lip Tint Compact retails for $49, while the Lip Tint Refill retails for $29.

Have you tried anything from Kjaer Weis?

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  1. Your photos are always so beautiful! I haven't tried any products from this brand but I absolutely love the look of the color on you. To the wishlist it goes...

    boho vanity

  2. This is such a beautiful shade and I cannot get over the packaging!

  3. I've wanted to try this brand for ages (like you!). I just can't deal with that price though...LOL
    It is however the perfect shade for you! I love plummy lip shades, and I would probably choose the same shade.

  4. Love this shade and you are beautiful wearing this plum shade. Off to do some shopping! Thanks-


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