Weekend Wrap Up // No. 53

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 53

posted on: 3.15.2015

Happy Sunday! I hope you're all having a great weekend. This past week and this whole weekend have been INSANE from start to finish. I had a major makeup job yesterday, and as you're reading this, I'm currently on a little girl's weekend trip in Disney (surprise, surprise). Which is why I'm keeping everything nice and short today. Here are some of the links I've been reading around the web!

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I know I posted an Alabama Shakes song pretty recently, but they released another single that is just too good to not post about. This song has been playing on repeat. It's SO GOOD. Listen to it and get hooked:



  1. Thanks so much for linking up the Milani lipsticks! They are such a great drugstore find!! Have a great week. :)


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