Weekend Wrap Up // No. 55

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 55

posted on: 3.29.2015

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a great week and an even better weekend. I've been away on vacation in the Florida Keys this past week, and you guys: I really needed that. I've been feeling uninspired and in a weird creative rut, so getting away for a week was exactly what I needed. It was more of a working vacation for me since I still had blog obligations I needed to fulfill while I was gone, but the change in scenery made a huge difference. I spent the bulk of my time on Marathon (which is smack dab in the middle of the Keys) and went snorkeling and boating when the weather permitted. It was amazing! And I'm proud to announce I'm not sunburnt. What a feat! But enough about my trip. Here's the latest on Brikasia.com. No link roundup this week because I was on vacation and have loads of catching up to do!

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// Jamming Out //

Mumford & Sons recently released a new single, and to be honest, I totally wasn't feeling it at first. There's a lack of banjos (which is kiiiinda why I love them) and gave me some serious Coldplay vibes. But after hearing it multiple times on Spotify, I'm officially addicted and belting this song out when I drive. Here's the newest single, "Believe".



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