What Product Do You Go Through The Most?

What Product Do You Go Through The Most?

posted on: 3.16.2015

What Products Do You Go Through the Most, makeup empties
Well, it's Monday once again, so let's keep things simple for today, shall we? It's been awhile since I've done one of these Q & A type posts, but I think I'm going to try doing these more regularly because I love hearing what you guys have to say!

That being said, have you ever watched (or read) those Youtube guru videos where they showcase their latest "empties"? Man, I kind of admire anyone who can go through a whole product. When I start reaching the end of a product, I stop using it because I'm scared of using it all up. Is that just me? I feel like that's just a weird thing I do. Then I start using something else because I'm so scared of using up a product, then I end up forgetting about that product, and that's how I unwittingly became a hoarder, apparently!

The only products that I finish up on the reg are skincare products. Mainly because I don't mess with my skincare regime too much. I stick with my tried and true favorites in that area. The product I go through the most is my holy grail cleanser, the May Lindstrom "The Clean Dirt". That and my holy grail moisturizer, the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. Aside from skincare and stuff like eyeliner and brow pencils, I have a ton of stuff that is mostly-used but not completely used up because like I mentioned earlier, I'm a hoarder.

Now I want to know... What kinds of products do you go through the most?

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