A Quick Programming Note...

A Quick Programming Note...

posted on: 4.15.2015

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that I pretty much be gone from social media for the next two weeks, as I'll be visiting my best friend in Spain. As soon as I get back, I'll be sure to respond to comments and e-mails! I'll also be launching an awesome giveaway in the beginning of May, so you have that to look forward to, as well.

So now that we have that taken care of, do you guys have any recommendations on things to do in Spain and Paris? And products that you can only get in those countries that I should try out? Please share and I'll do my best to do/try whatever you recommend! I know a lot of people are recommending that I try out all the different artisanal soaps that can be found in Spain's pharmacies and stores. Anything else?

(Header photo courtesy of my bff, Rosie, in Madrid!)


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