Weekend Wrap Up // No. 58

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 58

posted on: 4.19.2015

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a good week. Just a heads up: this is going to be the last Weekend Wrap Up for the next couple of weeks. It will resume as soon as I come back from Europe. So expect a super sized, more awesome edition of Weekend Wrap Up next time! I was going to try scheduling ahead some WWU's, but I thought it was kinda silly to do that. I'll be back in a couple of weeks, so if you miss me that much, make sure you follow me on Instagram to see what I've been up to over in Europe! In the meantime, here's what you've missed this past week on Brikasia.

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// Jamming Out //

One of my favorite bands, 21 Pilots, is releasing a new album soon (hurray), and in the meantime they've dropped two singles of their album. I'm 100% obsessed with one of these singles, "Tear in my Heart." It's so jamworthy and the music video is kinda trippy. Check it out below!



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