Weekend Wrap Up // No. 60

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 60

posted on: 5.17.2015

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a great week. As you probably noticed, it's been rather quiet around these parts this week, and for that I am truly sorry! Like I touched on in last week's Weekend Wrap Up, I've been dealing with some health issues lately and haven't been well enough to blog. But I think I've finally gotten everything handled, so I'm looking forward to a really productive week this upcoming week! I guess the upside of being ill for a couple of weeks is the fact that my brain is kind of forced to churn out new ideas, and I've actually kind of gotten some weird resurgence of inspiration. So, I mean, if that's what it takes... Just kidding! Anyway, enough of me rambling. Here's the latest!

// The Latest on Brikasia //

// The List //

  • Laurie really makes me want to buy these Tory Burch palettes. (312 Beauty)
  • Here's a really great guide to throwing the ultimate girl's night in! (Hairspray & Highheels)
  • This vintage yellow caftan is a dream! (Shikshin)
  • Here is a REALLY great post on updating your foundation routine. (The Fabzilla)

// Jamming Out //

I recently found out about Danish musician MØ while perusing Spotify and I'm kind of hooked. This song has me addicted. It's totally jamworthy and is so great to dance along to while driving.



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