Weekend Wrap Up // No. 64

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 64

posted on: 6.21.2015

Happy Sunday! How are you guys doing? I've been away this whole past week working in Miami and then taking a mini-vacation in Disney. I've actually never really been to Miami before, it's generally just a place I'm cruising through before a final destination (such as a cruise, or visiting the Keys). I stayed on South Beach and well, that was an experience! The food was good, the company was great, and the scenery was just insanely beautiful. I think I would do it again, just not in the summer because the humidity was like nothing I'm used to. Blech! But anyway, here are some of the links I've been reading this week!

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// The List //

// Jamming Out //

I've heard this song on the radio before a bunch of times, but it wasn't until recently that I really started vibing with it. Big Data's latest album is filled with gems like this song.



  1. I've never been to Miami, just the airport. I hope I can go someday. x


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