Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

posted on: 8.10.2015

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Just wanted to drop in real quick to say hello! How are you? Great! Glad you're doing well. I'm doing well too! I just got back from Chicago, and I'm still recovering. Have you been to Chicago? It's a pretty dope city. I was supposed to write about my trip today here, but you know, life happens. Work happens. As you already know, I'm also a makeup artist and business has been booming lately, so I've had my hands pretty full. I know, what a sob story on my part. I can be the worst sometimes.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in on this lovely Monday night to tell you to watch this space! I pinky promise I'll have my post on Chicago up later this week. I'm aiming for Friday, but I may surprise myself and have it up Wednesday. So keep checking back! I've been posting daily on my Instagram (did I just jinx myself?), so you can see what I'm up to over there. See you later!


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