Weekend Wrap Up // No. 70

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 70

posted on: 8.02.2015

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Happy Sunday! How are you guys doing? It's been a good week for me! I spent the beginning of the week running around Disney (surprise, surprise) and then the remainder of the week gearing up for my trip to Chicago next week. Which, by the way, I will be in Chicago for A Night For Green Beauty!! I will be going with BeauTeaBar and I could not be more excited. I've never been to Chicago before, so I'm extra stoked. Any tips on things to do or see while I'm there? I'll be there for barely 48 hours so I don't even know how much I'll be able to accomplish. Ah, well.

This week because I've been so busy, I was only to manage one post- a review on Paula's Choice! Make sure you go check that out. This line of skincare is amazing and is so great if you're on a budget. Great for college students, too! Here are some of the other things I've been reading around the web:
I've been on a Whitney Houston kick lately. Perhaps it's because her daughter has been all over the news lately (RIP Bobbi Kristina), but I've always been a huge Whitney fan. Fact: when I was in elementary school, I had her greatest hits album and I would play it on repeat all day, every day. To this day, it's still one of my favorite albums. What can I say, I'm an old soul! Haaa. I was a weird kid. Only listened to 80s music and disco. Anyway, Whitney is one of my all-time favorite singers, and for some reason, "I Have Nothing" has been stuck in my head. So now it shall be stuck in yours! Enjoy.



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