Weekend Wrap Up // No. 73

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 73

posted on: 9.06.2015

Happy Sunday! How was your weekend? Well, for most of you out there, there’s still one day left in the weekend which automatically makes it an amazing weekend. I am totally soaking up this extra day off to catch up on everything that needs to be done. Now that I’m a full-time worker bee, the little things (aka an extra day off) are that much more important to me. And also, a girl’s gotta get some extra sleepy time in, ya know?

This past week, I showed off my brand new JORD watch, and if you're jealous of my watch, you can get one too! They were very generous to give my readers a coupon, which you can get right here!  I also introduced an amazing green beauty lipstick line to you guys on Friday, which you can read more about here. Here are some additional things I've been reading this week:
My newest musical obsession is Halsey. Have you heard of her? I'm HOOKED. I've been playing her stuff on repeat all week long, and I hope you will, too! Here's one of my favorite jams: Haunting.



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