Weekend Wrap Up // No. 74

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 74

posted on: 9.20.2015

Happy Sunday, friends! How are you guys doing? Having a good weekend so far? Mine has been pretty low-key. I'm trying to go back to my bookworm roots, so I hit up my local library and checked out #GIRLBOSS. Guys, I am so behind on the times. I can't believe it's taken me this long to read this book. This book is fantastic! I'm not finished with it yet, but I will say that I'm feeling crazy inspired by Sophia Amoruso.

Speaking of being inspired, PERISCOPE, you guys. I follow a lot of makeup artists on there and I'm always left feeling incredibly inspired. So good. This week, I actually spoke a bit about why you need to follow me on Periscope. Also, for all you busy ladies with minimal time in the morning, here's how to do your makeup in 5 minutes or less (for real). And last, here's a list of items that I really, really want. Send help. Here's some other cool stuff I've been reading:
Aaaaand no jam of the week this week, you guys. I haven't been listening to anything new or noteworthy lately. My b! On that note, do you guys have any music recommendations? I'm always looking for someone new to listen to!

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