Why You Need To Follow Me On Periscope

Why You Need To Follow Me On Periscope

posted on: 9.16.2015

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Periscope, Periscope, Periscope. I feel like if I say it one more time, the word is either going to lose all meaning or I'm going to be zapped off this earth for being obnoxious. But I can't help it! I'm officially addicted to this app. I mean, have you downloaded the app yet? It's such a cool way to interact with my readers and potential new readers (I'm @brikasiabeauty on there, by the way). I've been talking a lot about how I became a makeup artist, my makeup kit essentials, and soon I'll be doing live makeup demos! So make sure you check me out for that.

Aside from following me (because well, duh ;)), I've found that Periscope has helped me come out of my creative rut. Weird right? A lot of professional makeup artists that I admire are on Periscope, and a lot of them have been doing live demos. It's amazing seeing them work live! Periscope is slowly but surely picking up steam, and I'm so glad I'm apart of it before it really starts to blow up, you know?

Anyway, moral of the story: follow me on Periscope. Over on my Instagram, I post my weekly broadcasting schedule so you can know when I'm going to be blabbering and making a fool of myself live. Yesterday I talked about my pro makeup kit essentials, which was fun. Actually, it should still be up on there if you want to head over to the app and watch it! I like how the broadcasts stay up for 24 hours. Kinda cool and exclusive, right? My next broadcast will be on Friday at 1 PM EST, where I'll be talking about skincare for acne. So make sure you tune in!

See you guys on the 'Scope, yea?

PS- as far as I know, I can't link directly to my Periscope page. So just search for "brikasiabeauty" on there and give me a follow!


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