Break Time!

Break Time!

posted on: 11.23.2015

Happy Monday, everyone! So, as you have probably noticed by now, there's been quite a lapse in activity here on Brikasia. Well, to be quite honest, I am in desperate need of a blog break because I am incredibly close to being completely burnt out. I have decided that for the rest of the month, I am taking a mini vacation from blogging and spending time with my loved ones and taking care of myself.

I will be back on December 2nd (a Wednesday), but I'll probably only be posting about twice a week until the end of the year to lessen the pressure on myself. I'll try to be a bit more consistent on Instagram, but no guarantees there because I'm really just trying to take a complete blog break. Thanks for sticking around.

See you guys soon! xoxoxo



  1. Make your blog more active, I can't see any news posts on your blog from past 2 years. Your tips and ideas are more helpful for me. Miss your great work on makeup. Keep blogging with new tips.

    Veronica Segura

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