2 Daytime Makeup Looks Using Sleek Makeup

2 Daytime Makeup Looks Using Sleek Makeup

posted on: 11.06.2015

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Have you guys heard of Sleek Makeup? Back in my Youtube days, I remember seeing a bunch of beauty vloggers raving about Sleek, and constantly being amazed by the color payoff of the products. Why couldn't the US have such amazing drugstore products? So imagine my happiness when Sleek's PR reached out to send me some products for some makeup looks. I just about died of excitement!

So, I've created 4 looks with the products they sent me. I have the i-Divine Palette in Storm, Eau La La Liners, Creme to Powder Blushers, True Colour Lipsticks, and the Eyebrow Stylist products that I will be using to create these looks. I've decided to break up these four looks into two posts. For today's post, I've created two daytime appropriate looks, although these can easily be nighttime looks too! And, because the eyeshadow palette doesn't have names for the colors, I'll be assigning each color a number and refer to them as such throughout this post. Here's your reference guide:
Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Storm review
Aren't these colors gorgeous? This is SUCH a versatile palette, and the pigmentation on these babies are insane. I'm actually incredibly impressed with all of the Sleek products I have in my possession. Amazing quality for an amazing price! So now that we have our labeled eyeshadow palette, let's get to what you came here for: two stunning makeup looks. Click through for the full beauty breakdowns!

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LOOK ONE: Electric Blue Eyeliner + Coral Lips
This is such a gorgeous makeup look, and adds some oomph! to your everyday makeup routine. Here's how to achieve this look:
  1. Apply a light, champagne eyeshadow (#2) all over the lid.
  2. Buff a midtone matte brown eyeshadow (#3) into the crease and blend well.
  3. Take the Eau La La Liner in Blue Moon and create a winged eyeliner. I used a slanted eyeliner brush to create the precise winged liner.
  4. Apply mascara.
  5. Use the Creme to Powder Blush in French Rose and apply to the cheeks. 
  6. Last, apply the True Colour Lipstick in Papaya Punch on the lips. Seriously, I'm obsessed with how these lipsticks glide on the lips and last. I ate lunch and drank wine with this lipstick on and it did. not. budge. 
And that's it! Super quick and easy, and stunning. 

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LOOK TWO: Bronze Fall Smoky Eye
 While some of you may not find this look as daytime-worthy as I do, that's still okay! You can choose to make the eye look as dark or as light as you want. This works well for both day and night, and I get a lot of compliments on my makeup when I wear this out. Curious how to do it? Here's how:
  1. Add a light bronze color (#1) all over the lid.
  2. Use a darker bronze color (#7) on the outer corner of the lid and blend into the crease. Take your time with this, as you don't want it to look too sloppy.
  3. Taking a combination of light champagne eyeshadows (#2 and #4), apply on the inner corners of your eye and under the browbone.
  4. If you want extra dramatic eyes, take a mixture of the dark matte brown eyeshadow and matte black eyeshadow (#11 and #12) with a pencil brush to deepen the crease. Create an outer-V shape on the corners of your eyes to deepen the crease. Of course, this step is optional, and you could consider doing this if you want to transition your makeup from day to night.
  5. Take a combination of plummy colors (#5 and #6) and apply on the lower lashline, smudging it out for a smoky effect.
  6. Take a midtone brown eyeshadow (#3) to make sure everything is blended in the crease.
  7. Take the Eau La La Liner in Noir and line your waterline and smudge a little bit onto the lashline.
  8. Using your Eyebrow Stylist, fill in your brows.
  9. Take the Creme to Powder Blush in French Rose and apply to your cheeks. I love how this blush looks on and how it applies. It really does feel like powder after it sets!
  10. Use the True Colour Lipstick in Succumb and apply to your lips.
And that's it! This makeup look is a bit more involved than the first one, but it's one that gets easier with practice. And the bronze factor is perfect for fall!

Next week I'll be posting the other two makeup looks I created with Sleek. Be on the lookout for that one!

Have you ever tried Sleek Makeup before?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Products provided by PR.


  1. What a gorgeous palette, and both of your looks are absolutely stunning, Brianna!

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  6. I always drool over the sleek makeup I see on YouTube! I've never tried the brand, but everything looks fabulous! I love the electric blue liner look you created!

  7. I love this palette. It's so gorgeous. Everything I have from Sleek is amazing.

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    audrey / www.mademoisellenature.com

  12. I adore Sleek. My favorite look is the first one x

  13. Both of these looks are gorgeous, but I love the bright blue liner with the coral lip! I want summer back haha!

  14. I love Sleek! Their Oh So Special Palette is my most loved palette as it's full of spots where I've hit pan. I love the looks you've created!

  15. I would have never used blue for a daytime work but now I want to try. It looks so good! Beautiful!!


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