Weekend Wrap Up // No. 79

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 79

posted on: 11.01.2015

Happy Sunday! How are you guys doing? Well, I'm still in New York.. LOL. Am I ever coming home? Yes, yes I am, and I'm coming home this upcoming week which is totally depressing. Also... It's NOVEMBER! What the what?! I am not about this time change, either. Alright. Before I start going off on a rant, let me just catch you up on the blog posts that went up this week:
Being in New York and being with my family, I've been feeling some old school tunes lately. So kick back with me and jam out to one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs, "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing". Also, this is my hat off to my newest obsession, the TV show Scandal.



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