Weekend Wrap Up // No. 80

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 80

posted on: 11.08.2015

Happy Sunday! How are you all doing? I am finally back from what seems like a year-long tenure in the state of New York, haha! So many major life decisions were made while I was in New York, and you guys... I'm feeling really good! I also seriously miss the cooler weather. Nothing like coming back to 90 degree weather and 100% humidity! Bleh. And on that note, here's what you've missed from Brikasia this past week!
And because I've been in such a celebratory mood lately, I feel it's only appropriate for this week's jam to be a celebratory Brazilian samba! Hello, random! Haaaaa. I've been having Sergio Mendes dance parties in my room lately, with a special emphasis on this song. Enjoy and have fun!



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