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Weekend Wrap Up // No. 69

posted on: 7.26.2015

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Happy Sunday! How are you guys doing? I'm still in New York, but I'm heading home tonight for about a week until I have to jet off again. I'll have to enjoy this little week of peace and serenity! While I've been in New York, I've been able to tour BeauTeaBar's retail location (which is incredibly beautiful, by the way), eat my weight in carbs (nothing compares to New York Italian food, except for Italy itself), and spend time with my family. It's been nice to bum around Long Island and in Manhattan for a little bit to kind of refuel and reassess what I am trying to do with my life, ya know?

That aside, this week I reviewed a relatively new green beauty company called Delizioso Skincare, along with their collaboration with Tara Mackey, the TARA collection. Make sure you check out my review! Besides that, here are a few other links I've been reading this week:
While I've been in New York, I've been spending a bunch of time with my aunt and uncle (both of whom I'm staying with while in NY), and they are just obsessed with listening to the Love station on satellite radio. This channel has a bunch of old love songs (and some current!) and you know what? I actually don't hate it. So in honor of my adorable aunt and uncle, this week's jam is going to be one of my favorite songs of all time: "At Last" by the incomparable Etta James.


THE REVIEW: Delizioso Skincare + The TARA Collection

posted on: 7.22.2015

delizioso skincare, the tara collection, tara mackey, the organic life blog, green beauty, green skincare, all natural makeup,
I don't think there are enough words to convey how impressed I am with the green beauty brand Delizioso Skincare. I don't see them getting nearly enough love on social media, and you know what? They totally deserve it. This was a totally unknown brand to me, until the gorgeous Tara Mackey of The Organic Life Blog released a makeup collection with them. And, thanks to Tara, not only did the wonderful women behind Delizioso Skincare send me a few items from Tara's collection, but they sent me a few pieces from the main collection! I am SO excited to share with you guys these products because this totally changed the way I view green beauty.

Let's talk about Delizioso's main collection first. Wow, wow, wow. I can't believe how crazy pigmented everything is. No joke, you guys. I think it would just be easier if I broke everything down piece by piece:
  • Pressed and Perfect Eyeshadows- I was sent two eyeshadows: Banana and Cinnamon Sticks. I am so glad that they sent me these two colors instead of the typical neutral browns that I'm sent. A yellow and a moss green? AW YEA, YA'LL. I don't wear moss green colors enough, and I had forgotten how much I love that color on my eyes. The yellow eyeshadow adds the perfect pop of color to the center of the lids. And they are so pigmented and silky smooth! 
  • Midnight Black Natural Eyeliner Pencil- Honestly, this is my favorite product out of the whole bunch. This eyeliner is a SUPERSTAR. This is the blackest and smoothest pencil eyeliner I own, and the pigmentation on this baby is incredible.  And it stays put all day! This is a definite repurchase for me.
  • Lip and Cheek Stain in Luscious Mangosteen- I'm currently not able to find this on Delizioso's website, so this product was either limited edition, discontinued, or has yet to be released! Well, I hope it's the latter because this product is just fantastic. The pigmentation is superb- you only need the tiniest amount on your cheeks and lips. Plus, the smell of it is just so sweet and delicious- you almost want to eat it right out of the tube!
delizioso skincare, the tara collection, tara mackey, the organic life blog, green beauty, green skincare, all natural makeup, delizioso adorned blushing mousse, california bronzing mousse
The TARA Collection is just as sweet as the other products I received- literally! The products smell heavily of Madagascar Vanilla- one of my favorite scents ever. Again, you will want to dip your fingers into the products and lick your fingers afterwards, but don't do it! Not because it would be dangerous to do so (these products are totally natural and contain no icky chemicals or toxins), but why waste such beautiful makeup? Also, a key ingredient in these products are prickly pear seed oil- the ultimate beauty oil! What's not to love?
  • TARA Adorned Blushing Mousse- This insanely pigmented hot pink blush will certainly pack a punch! If you're looking for the perfect statement makeup, then this is it. There is a slight shimmer to the mousse, and a little bit goes a looooong way. I actually really love using this as a lip color- it's the perfect bold hue for the lips!
  • TARA California Bronzing Mousse- This is the perfect product if you're looking to achieve a nice summer glow. Again, a little bit goes a long way, and this will really warm the face up! I wouldn't use this to contour as it does contain some shimmer and is a bit too orange-hued, but it is perfect for bronzing all over the skin. And there is a ton of product in this little glass container! It'll last forever.
  • TARA Glow Creme Luminizer- I just received a little sample size of this product, and I honestly think it's all I will need for quite some time! In the container, it looks frosty white. But blended out, it really illuminates the face. I really love using this on the inner corners of the eyes. This would be great to try out the strobing trend!
You seriously receive SO much product in these containers. I've been using them regularly and I've barely made a dent in them! The price point is so great, too. If you're new to green beauty and want to eliminate some toxins from your beauty routine, I think Delizioso Skincare is a great starting point. The products are absolutely on point and do not fail to deliver.

delizioso skincare, the tara collection, tara mackey, the organic life blog, green beauty, green skincare, all natural makeup,
Swatches left to right: Eyeliner, TARA Bronzing Mousse, TARA Blushing Mousse, TARA Luminizer, Lip + Cheek Stain, Cinnamon Sticks, Banana Eyeshadow
So tell me: have you tried anything from Delizioso yet? Got your eye on something here? Sound off in the comments!

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Disclosure: Products provided by Delizioso Skincare. All opinions are my own.

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 68

posted on: 7.19.2015

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Happy Sunday! How are you guys doing? I'm in New York right now, spending time with family and friends. As you've probably noticed, things have been really slowing down lately, with me only posting about one post per week (two if you include these Weekend Wrap Ups). Things have been really picking up with my freelance business, so that's been really great! But not so great for the blog. Sorry!! Make sure you're following me on Instagram because I post on there more often. And follow me on Snapchat! My username is "briannawhattt" on Snapchat. I definitely update that a lot, so you can follow my adventures on there, too.

And how did you guys like the drink recipe I posted? I'm going to start incorporating some more lifestyle posts in the coming months, and I'll be posting more awesome recipes and boozy recipes on here. The rosé and gin spritzer I posted on Wednesday has been a HUGE hit with my family here in New York. It's been pretty toasty up here, and this drink is the PERFECT summertime companion.

Speaking of the perfect summertime companion, I've been listening to a lot of really chill Spotify playlists to keep me in that "summer chill" mentality. Here's a favorite chill out tune of mine, "Someone New" by Hozier.


Rosé and Gin Spritzer

posted on: 7.15.2015

This drink is intended for those 21 years or older. Please drink responsibly! rose wine cocktails, how to drink rose wine, best alcoholic drinks for summer, perfect summertime alcoholic beverages, rosé wine and gin spritzer, sociologie wine
Editor's note: Consider this your mid-week pick-up: a boozy recipe! Hurray! This sort of post is new to Brikasia, and I hope you guys like it. I know I do!

Okay, okay, I'll admit it: I am generally not a fan of rosé wine. This is probably the most anti-feminine I'll get, but truthfully, I just don't like overly sweet drinks. I prefer refreshing over super sweet any day. That being said, I was sent a bottle of rosé wine (Blushing Rosé) by the incredibly sweet PR people behind Sociologie wines. And you know what? It was pretty damn refreshing, especially during Florida's incredibly hot summer.  I was trying to think of a cool and unique way to showcase the flavors in this wine. A friend suggested I mix some gin with the rosé to make a refreshing summer cocktail, and oh. my. god. Guys. This drink is out of this world. You can bet your butt that I'll be making this on the reg' for the rest of summer! Click through for the suuuuper simple recipe. Trust me- you'll be obsessed.

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 67

posted on: 7.12.2015

weekend wrap up
Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? Yesterday I attended a super cool event by The Blogger Meetup in Downtown Orlando called "Blogger Refresh." And refreshing it was! There were fresh juices, healthy bites, manicures, henna tattoos, yoga, massages, and so much more. And it was nice meeting new bloggers and enjoying some of the great things Orlando has to offer. I went with my lovely friend Lauren of Beach Darling, and we certainly had a great time. And on that note, here are some of the things I've been reading this week!
Have you heard of Chet Faker? My best friend has been telling me fooooorever to check him out, but I totally ignored him because I kinda thought he was a wannabe rapper type, ya know? Well, fun fact: he's not. He's really good! Check him out with his song "1998":


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