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How Do You Deal With Long Flights?

posted on: 3.31.2015

How Do You Deal with Long Flights?
I hate flying. It's as simple as that. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil in my life as I absolutely love traveling to new places, but getting through a flight longer than two hours is rough for me. That being said, I am traveling to Spain in a couple of weeks to visit my best friend who lives there. I've never been on a flight longer than five hours, and I am not going to lie- I am terrified of the 8 and a half hour flight I have ahead of me!

I've spoken about my anxiety issues in the past, and in an effort to be more candid and real with you guys, I thought I would reach out to see if you guys had any tips for dealing with anxiety and long flights. A huge source of anxiety for me lately is the thought of this long flight. I am kiiiinda deathly afraid of turbulence, and I hate flying in general. How do you deal with long flights? Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated!

Weekend Wrap Up // No. 55

posted on: 3.29.2015

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a great week and an even better weekend. I've been away on vacation in the Florida Keys this past week, and you guys: I really needed that. I've been feeling uninspired and in a weird creative rut, so getting away for a week was exactly what I needed. It was more of a working vacation for me since I still had blog obligations I needed to fulfill while I was gone, but the change in scenery made a huge difference. I spent the bulk of my time on Marathon (which is smack dab in the middle of the Keys) and went snorkeling and boating when the weather permitted. It was amazing! And I'm proud to announce I'm not sunburnt. What a feat! But enough about my trip. Here's the latest on No link roundup this week because I was on vacation and have loads of catching up to do!

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Mumford & Sons recently released a new single, and to be honest, I totally wasn't feeling it at first. There's a lack of banjos (which is kiiiinda why I love them) and gave me some serious Coldplay vibes. But after hearing it multiple times on Spotify, I'm officially addicted and belting this song out when I drive. Here's the newest single, "Believe".


Pamper Your Hair with Macadamia PRO Hair Care

posted on: 3.26.2015

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I've talked about this before, but having thick, curly hair is such a task, man. It's so important to use the right hair products for my hair, or else I'll end up with tangled, dried out hair that resembles a bird's nest. I put my hair through the wringer, too, so it's extra important to pamper my hair on a regular basis.

I've been spending a lot of time in the water (a major perk of living in a coastal town!), and even more recently, I've been spending time in the Florida Keys. Because of this, saltwater is the bane of my existence. Not only does it dry out my skin, but it is making my hair do some funky things, and not in a good way. On top of that, the fluctuations in temperature (even in Florida!) have been wreaking havoc on my hair. Thankfully, Macadamia Professional Hair Care has found its way into my life and honestly? My hair is looking GOOD. No tangles to be found here!

Macadamia Professional has recently introduced three curated Care and Treatment Collections (Weightless Moisture, Nourishing Moisture, and Ultra Rich Moisture) which are designed to infuse optimal moisture levels into each hair texture. Their products are formulated to contain the highest amount of Omega 7 than any other oil out there. The collection I received were from the Nourishing Moisture line, which is made for medium to coarse hair. If you're looking to give your hair some major TLC, well then these are the products for you. No joke.

Pamper Your Hair with Macadamia PRO Hair Care, Macadamia Professional Hair Care, Nourishing Moisture Line, Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Shampoo, Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Conditioner, curly hair products, how to detangle hair, products for detangling hair,Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray, review
The Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and the Nourishing Moisture Conditioner are just divine. To really pamper my hair,  I give myself a nice, stimulating scalp massage in the shower as I work the shampoo and conditioner through the hair. For the shampoo, you only need a small amount to get a good amount of lather going. For the conditioner, start off at your ends and work your way up to your scalp. I feel like the ends of my hair are the most neglected, so focusing the conditioner on the ends of my hair help condition and tame those crazy ends of mine.

Then there's the crown jewel of the collection (in my opinion): the Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray. You guys... This stuff is EVERYTHING. This spray is infused with the exclusive pro oil complex that is also found in the shampoo and conditioner, and also includes Vitamin E and offers natural UV protection (a must for me since I am always out in the sun!). I'm pretty sure this spray also contains magic in it, because when I'm done in the shower and spray this in my wet hair, my knots DISAPPEAR. Unheard of. I need this stuff by the gallon! This product is also great for dry hair- it adds a nice shine and bounce to my hair.

Ready to treat yourself to the best hair pampering you've had in ages? Well then I highly recommend these products. Seriously guys- that oil spray? It's the stuff dreams are made of. I even had my sister, who is known to get matted hair, try it, and it worked like a charm. No more bird's nest hair for us! 
Macadamia Professional Hair Care


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The Best Tools For Contouring

posted on: 3.24.2015

The Best Tools for Contouring, real techniques blush brush, subtle contour, beauty blender
Looking back on my blog archives, some of my most popular posts ever involve contouring. And with good reason! To many, contouring is one of the most difficult aspects of makeup. If done incorrectly, you can end up looking like a janky Kim K knock-off. Done correctly, and you will resemble a gloriously glamorous Beyoncé. The stakes are high! But don't let that scare you off. With the right tools, you'll be on the road to Beyoncé-level beauty in no time. Read on for my recommendations!


Besides using a light hand when applying a contour color, using a large, fluffy blush brush will also help diffuse the pigment on your skin for more of a subtle contour. My favorite is the Real Techniques Blush Brush. This brush is dome shaped and is perfect for lightly sculpting your cheekbones. This is a great tool if you're working with a powder contour.

That being said, I find that for the perfect, natural contour, using cream products work exceptionally well. Choose a concealer, foundation, or contour stick that is a shade or two darker than your natural skintone, and use the Beauty Blender sponge to blend out. It will be very subtle but totally noticeable. Using a contour stick, like the Tarte Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer, will help you map out where you want to contour. You can use your fingers to blend out or you can use the Beauty Blender sponge.


For a more intense contour, I like using highly pigmented powders, like the ones from Kevyn Aucoin. In fact, Kevyn Aucoin has an amazing contour book (The Art of Sculpting + Defining) that includes both contour shades and highlight shades for the perfect sculpted look.

But to achieve the perfect intense contour, your tools are pretty important! The Make Up For Ever 158 Double Ended Sculpting Brush is the perfect brush- the angled end is perfect for really digging out your cheekbones, and the rounded end is perfect for blending so your lines aren't too harsh. And if that's not an intense enough contour, then I highly recommend a more dense brush, such as the Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush No. 15. This brush is really dense and will pack on more pigment.


What are your favorite tools to contour with? Share your tips and tricks below!

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Weekend Wrap Up // No. 54

posted on: 3.22.2015

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had an amazing week. This week started off with me in Disney, and is ending with me in the Florida Keys! Woo! Which means that this week things will be quieter than usual, but don't worry- there's still going to be a few posts going up this week! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for pictures from my adventures in the Keys. Anyway, here are some of the links I've been reading from around the web!

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Have you seen the new Tina Fey show on Netflix, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? If you answered no, you are seriously missing out. It is AMAZING. Not convinced? Check out this song by one of my favorite characters on television EVER, Titus, and then I'm prettttty sure you'll stop what you're doing to start binging this show. Pinot Noir is EVERYTHING.


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