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Weekend Wrap Up // No. 72

posted on: 8.30.2015

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Happy Sunday! I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. So, apologies again- I skipped out on last week's WWU. Because I'm da worst and blah blah blah. No but really- I was working my first bridal show last weekend, and I had zero time to do anything blog related. Not only that, but I started a full-time job last week which means that I have LESS hours to work with. I know, total first world problems. But I'm tryin' my hardest, guys!

Within the past couple of weeks, I have managed to put up a few blog posts that I am extremely proud of! First up- I wrote a guest post over on the BeauTeaBar blog that gives you all the info you need on strobing. I also threw up a post for my fellow curly girls! Learn how to get that warrior princess hair look. I also reviewed La Bella Figura's Elysian Fields Hydro-Essence. Last, but not least, I've rounded up a few of my favorite reusable water bottles for your enjoyment. Here are some other great reads from around the web:
I've already featured the band Glass Animals on here before, but I just bought tickets to a music festival with them playing and I am SO STOKED. Here's another favorite song of theirs, Black Mambo.


How To Look Cool & Drink More Water At The Same Time

posted on: 8.28.2015

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When I was in Europe earlier this year, practically dying of some ridiculous gastroenteritis type of illness, all I wanted in life was water. Seriously. Could not get enough water in me. However, Europeans (or at least, Spaniards), are not big on water! That was a pretty difficult concept for me to grasp. In restaurants, I just wanted tap water so I didn’t feel like I was a step away from passing out. Waiters sometimes refused to give me water (WUT) unless I ordered something else to drink. Yea, give me a nice glass of grain alcohol so you can “pour one out for me” when I eventually die of dehydration.

Sassiness aside, I started carrying my own water with me to places since it was apparently too much to ask for a glass of tap water. And I got some weeeeird looks. Looks that screamed, “Who does this American think she is?” I walked around Madrid with some rinky-dink plastic water jug without a care in the world because you know what? I WAS HYDRATED. And I felt damn good.

The point of me telling you this story is that ever since that trip, I carry water around with me EVERYWHERE. I am so dreadfully scared of being dehydrated that having water with me at all times is an absolute must. But since I, you know, care about the environment and stuff, I’m not a huge fan of carrying plastic water bottles with me everywhere. And also, there is nothing cute about carrying these bottles, quite literally. Which is why I invest in reusable water bottles. Better for the environment, and better for my stylin’ ways.

What are some of your favorite water bottles to use?

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Where and How to Strobe: New Guest Post on BeauTeaBar!

posted on: 8.26.2015

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Howdy everyone! I've talked about strobing before (so click here if you've missed that post), but I've just written a much more in-depth post about it over on the BeauTeaBar blog! So head on over there and see what's up, along with some of my favorite strobing products available on the BeauTeaBar store. Head on over!

Warrior Princess Hair Tutorial

posted on: 8.19.2015

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In the summer (or any time, really), curly hair can be a real pain in the butt to deal with. Imagine this: it feels like it's 100 degrees out, humidity is practically at 100%, and you're wearing a wool scarf around your neck. You'll die of heat exhaustion! That's pretty much what it's like wearing your hair down when you have a lot of curly hair. Yet for some reason, whenever I wear my hair half-up, half-down, I feel so much more refreshed than when I wear all of my hair down. So weird, right?

The only problem is I hate how my hair looks half-up, half-down. It's very... secretarial, if you know what I mean. I'm a little bit obsessed with braids, so I decided to braid half of my hair and then roll it into a bun. And omg guys, wearing my hair like this was even MORE refreshing! Honestly, the next best thing would be to just wear my hair up. But sometimes I feel more feminine with my hair down, you know? Anyway, I think this hair look is super cool, and reminds me of a warrior princess. It's SUPER easy, so click through for the full tutorial!

THE REVIEW: La Bella Figura Elysian Fields Hair & Body Hydro-Essence

posted on: 8.17.2015

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Earlier this year, Victoria from La Bella Figura sent me some goodies, and with the goodies came a tiny little spray bottle that contained the Elysian Fields Hair & Body Hydro-Essence. There wasn't much info that came with it, so I just sprayed it in my hair and on my body and from that point onward, I was completely captivated. I so desperately wanted a full-size body immediately, but patience is a virtue and blah blah blah, so I rationed out my little bottle reeeal hard. I made sure I didn't waste a single, precious drop!

This weightless hydro-essence is the perfect pick-me-up on a hot, summer day. It helps hydrate dry skin and refreshes dull hair. If you're a road trippin' kinda person, then consider this a road trip essential. Pure aloe vera, Bulgarian rose otto, and neroli hydrosols hydrate and refresh while watermelon, mango flower, aronia berry, mushroom, and carrot cell extracts enrich hair and body with vitamins, antioxidants, and fortifying minerals.

Not to mention the smell of this hydro-essence- HOLY MOLY. It smells so fresh and comforting. I am so terrible at describing scents, so I'll just tell you of what it reminds me of: it reminds me of hiking through the trails of El Yunque in Puerto Rico. Kind of weird, I know, but that's what comes to mind whenever I sniff this. It has some fruitiness to it, a bit of spice, and a lot of freshness. I'm not really into wearing fragrances, but this is something I will always wear because it isn't heavy- it's nice and light, just how I like my perfumes. The scent lasts a lot longer when I wear it in my hair, so I definitely do some touch ups throughout the day, but I don't really mind.

And can I just say how much I love La Bella Figura's new packaging? Like, seriously. The tube that my spray was packaged in is practically a work of art, and is the perfect vessel for travel. The bottle itself is a sturdy, glass bottle that just feels luxurious, and really adds to the whole experience of this spray. That may sound silly, but you will totally know what I'm talking about when you get this product in your hands.

For 2 ounces of product, this bottled up piece of heaven will set you back $65. Used sparingly, and it'll last you a long time. Available at BeauTeaBar and La Bella Figura.

Have you tried anything from LBF?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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